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Business Intelligence Consulting

Four ways
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Analytics & Visualization

Bringing your data to the decision makers and business users.

Make every decision count.

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Data Engineering

Building reliable and secure data pipelines.

Allow your data to be consumed by the right people.

Trust your data, automate the process.



Enabling business users and decision makers. Bring the development and analysis where it’s most needed.

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Our Story

Founded in the bustling tech hub of London and operating globally.
Data Dune began as a vision: to turn a problem of raw data into easy to consume insights.

The mission has been clear from the start
— enable informed decision-making with easy-to-manage business intelligence solutions
— enable individuals to excel in what they do

Data Dune has been at the forefront of servicing ed-tech and tech companies.

We offer a range of services including consulting and training in visual analytics and data engineering.

With offices in London and Dubai and a commitment to remote delivery, our
global reach never compromises on providing tailored solutions within
data visualization and data engineering.

15,000+ hours of delivered projects for esteemed clients like Pfizer, NHS, and Siemens.

With specialization in tools like Tableau, AWS, and Snowflake,
we provide solutions that last and are easily maintained within your existing teams.
We partner with clients to create value and enable your team to support your stakeholders.


If you're in the ed-tech or tech industry
and you're looking to leverage your company's data for better insights and outcomes, get in touch.

Your Project Experience with Us

Ease of Decision-Making

Enabling actionable insights from your data

Reliable Solution

Easy to self-maintain with longevity in mind

Secure and Performant Architecture

Ensuring your data processes are safe and efficient

Cost-optimized Projects

Delivering maximum value that aligns with your budget

Why companies choose us

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    Stay ahead with cutting-edge BI insights

    The BI is changing rapidly, especially in the Ed-Tech and Tech.

    Subscribe to the monthly newsletter for exclusive insights on
    data strategy, visualization, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

    Stay ahead with cutting-edge BI insights

    The BI is changing rapidly,
    especially in the Ed-Tech and Tech.

    Learn exclusive insights on
    data strategy & visualization.

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